What We Offer

Enliven your next event by hiring Ferment Your Event to lead an engaging tutored tasting, pairing dinner, or beer class. 

Our events are perfect for any occasion, from in-home meals, graduation receptions and bachelor parties to large-scale fundraisers, festivals, weddings, corporate team-builders, guest appreciations and holiday galas.

We work with you to fully customize your craft beer event, and when you hire The Beer Pair, you get two of us for (almost) the price of one!  


Here are some sample packages we offer.

Beer and Chocolate Pairing Class  -- Treat your guests to an uproariously entertaining sit-down class  where they'll sample a seasonally rotating selection of craft beers and  gourmet chocolates and desserts. Depending on length of class, guests  will learn how beer and chocolate are made and historically and  delectably related, the proper way to taste the two substances  individually and together, the Three C's of pairing, when and how to  host their own dessert pairing. You can supply the chocolate or we can  source it from our partner,

2 Chicks with Chocolate, or from the chocolatier of your choosing. Class duration: 30  minutes to two hours. Take-home: class-specific tasting guide with your  logo. Variations: single-origin chocolates, organic chocolates,  wine-vs.-beer chocolate pairing. 

Beer and Chocolate Pairing Demonstration -- All  the fun of a class without any of the commitment. A way to offer an  unusual activity without forcing your audience into captivity, demos  allow us to stage condensed mini-classes (see above) for interested  guests and/or interact with them casually by remaining in a stationary  position to offer samples, explain the rationale behind the pairings and  answer any questions. Perfect for festivals, receptions, lobby  activations, informal parties, etc ...  Variations: spirits and  chocolate, white to dark chocolates, savory chocolates.

Beer Cocktail Workshop --  Warning: Your  guests may get sticky but they'll laugh the whole time!  Forward-thinking bars are starting to stock their cocktail menus with  drinks mixed with beer, and by programming this class, your guests will  learn to do it at home. We lead a sit-down (well, stand-up, to be more  accurate) audience step-by-step in crafting their own beer cocktails,  which they get to drink while they learn a little bit of history and  folklore surrounding the trend that actually got its start several  hundred years ago. You can choose to set up a station for each guest or  allow them to take turns "behind the bar."  Take-home: recipe sheet with your logo.Variations: reflect the season, incorporate your preferred liquor, compete  against one-another for time, taste and presentation.

Beer Cocktail Demonstration -- All  of the fun, none of the mess. Here again, demos let the crowd come to  us. We mix the drinks while wittily narrating the process, and your  guests get to relax and taste the finished products. For a more  streamlined activity, we can pour beer cocktails and answer questions  without the fanfare. Perfect for festivals, receptions, lobby  activations, informal parties, etc ... 

Beer Dinner -- Pick  a culinary theme, decide whether you want to cook, cater or bring in a  chef, and we'll work with you to coordinate each course with the perfect  beer. The day of the meal, we'll come to your house to present the  pairings and discuss anything you'd like, from proper glassware to the  origin of the styles you're serving. We can stay for just the start of  the meal or mingle with your guests and showcase each course as it  comes (we'll dress appropriately, we promise). Take-home: menu with  course pairings. Variations: wine vs. beer, international, brewery vs.  brewery. 

Tutored Tasting or Pairing-- This  category can take whatever form you'd like. Want to learn the  difference between English, East Coast and West Coast IPAs? Curious to  compare Belgian beers and cheeses against their Italian and French  counterparts? Interested in sampling beers brewed by European monks  according to thousand-year-old traditions? We'll present the information  and samples according to your vision, whether that's a guided,  interactive tutorial or an informal Q-and-A somewhere in the mix.  Variations: coffee beers and their beans of origin, German lagers, sour  and funky beers, beers aged in liquor barrels.

Beer Lesson -- Need  a featured speaker or guest lecturer? Samples are welcome but not  necessary as we take a lively yet informative approach to topics like  "New Jersey Beer -- Past, Present and Future," "Beer and Food Writing --  Paltry Pay, Plentiful Perks," "Women in Brewing, a New Phenomenon  That's 10,000 Years Old," and "Raising Your Revenue, One Craft Beer at a  Time (for servers and bar managers)."