Testimonials and Press



This was AWESOME!!!! I absolutely loved it and can think of a bunch of friends & family I want to do this class with! Thanks for having me. – Danielle D.

I HIGHLY recommend this class. It was a perfect date night for us.  You get to try awesome beers and delicious chocolate. Thank you, Tara Nurin! - Amy D. 

Thank you for a great time tonight!! Looking forward to our next visit!! - Robyn P.

​Everyone  continued to talk about the event and the beer the next day. We had a great time. - Denise A. 

Awesome class!!!!! - Jennifer R.

What a great night. Thank You! – William S.

The Cranberry Chocolate with Punkin' was amazing and I'm going to try to make matching ice cream. My boyfriend is a homebrewer, craft beer nut -- absolutely insane -- and I told him the pairings and he was impressed. – Tess H.